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Forced Order
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LetterCountryExtra Clue
AThe ..... War
BBorders India
CThe Capital is Ottawa
DDoesn't Play Anymore
EBorders Israel
FThe President is Nicolas Sarkozy
GHas 9 Countries Bordering It
HHad a Big Earthquake Last Year
IBorders a Country That There was a War In
JRecently Had A Huge Natural Disaster
KBlack, Red, Green Flag
LSmallest City in Europe (Except for Vatican City)
MFour letter African Country
LetterCountryExtra Clue
NBeat England Twice in Cricket
OOnly Country that Begins with O
PWere Paddington Bear comes From
QOnly Country that Begins with Q
RBorders Tanzania
SThe Capital is Belgrade
TSami the Hyena Comes from Here
UBorders 5 Countries including 3 in this Quiz
VOne of the Most Guessed Sporcle Answers (Before Tuvalu of Course)
WPart of New Zealand Some Think of It as A Country
YOnly Country that Begins with Y
ZIt Borders Malawi

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