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Can you name the XXXTENTACION Song by a line of the Lyrics?

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Try me, might fight, fist ****, on sight
Cut out my eyes, feed me with lies that I don’t ever have to see again
I don’t need no strap I let my blade hit
Young X’ster, call me a young Dexter
Shoot pregnant wife in a Porsche
Smokin dope, been like **** a po, been like a **** a hoe
I see, black skies and white lies, I’d rather be
I know you’re feeling numb; I’ll **** you till you cum
Pastor just told me I’m toxic
Bitch, I’m sipping tea in yo hood, what the **** is up?
She did it all for some clarification that you never know, aye
I’ll cut my wrists till my heartbeat is silent
Cause it’s a game of cat and mouse and you gon’ bleed silent
Can’t keep my dick in my pants, ay

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