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ClueAmended song title
The only requirement is part of your ear
My mates gave me some seaweed
Reward the chap who falls over
Sullen avian is also capable of song
Bejeweled girl inside the snow traversal equipment
It's necessary for you to climb inside my spouse
You are not able to irritate me, dear
The day when everything starts to rot (one word)
Repairing a blind mammal
Je Moi Rodents
Be fired
I intend to pursue my child
Relaxed submersible
Chap's metallic Humvee
She takes you from one place to another
ClueAmended song title
All my ceiling-based plaster mouldings
Be frightened of caution
Take a golf swing at Mr Whiskers
Retrieving something to put on my bread
Wow, martial arts
It seems to me I'm less than ten
I own a piece of fruit skin
Country where everything costs 1p
Turn and fire
The period when my instrument makes soft electronic noises
I accuse you of not letting me ever have your spreadable sugary preserve
Would you be so kind as to make mother happy
A week and one day of being a nerd
That's where I saw the chicken

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