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Can you name the video games based upon the clues provided?

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Portly or plumpAnne, Leia, Kashmir
Water at 0 degrees CelsiusEdmund Hillary was a famous...
Short name for parent's motherTourism in Spanish
'Heart and ______'Diameter of a hollow tube
To feelPhil Mickelson excels at this
Remove with tweezersAmerican terminology for portable phone
Minnesota Twins legend Puckett(17x3)+(24-11)
Force divided by acceleration of gravityEvery cause leads to one of these
No noiseBritish actor named Bernard
Delaware abbreviatedChubby villain to the X-Men
A great distance awayTearful sob
ChildJournal about planetary science
Second model of the iPodFeudal Japanese assassins
Court that deals with severe crimesHigh military rank
Popular building blocksIce skates used for speed skating
ROYGBIVNumber of strings on acoustic guitar
Slang for dollarBuzzing sound of a bee
Iron, Zinc, CaesiumChange to 3rd at 30 miles per hour
Ticking & tockingSkylon, Blackpool
Cunning or wilyCar by Mini
Take forename of Canadian sportsman Lemieux, then flip first letterSuffix with Eng, Ire and Fin
Woman from Adam's ribLogged on to the internet
Enemy of PredatorBon Jovi album (2000)
Measurement of 3 full rotationsColorado hockey
Type of sound waveExciting, hazardous expedition

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