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You’re so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal/You're so skinny you should really supersize the dealKaty Perry
Those three words/Are not enough/They're Said too muchSnow Patrol
Hold on to that feeling/Streetlights, PeopleJourney
Lying Close to you/feeling your heart beatingAerosmith
because I want it now/I want it now/Give me your heart and your soulMuse
Cutie the bomb/Met her at a beauty salon/With a baby Louis Vuitton/Under her underarmKanye West
Some people get their kicks/stomping on your dreamsFrank Sinatra
I'll take, one lift/you're my best tripBlink 182
When the world leaves you feeling blue/You can count on me, I will be there for youS Club 7
When she was just a girl, she expected the world/But it flew away from her reach, and she ran away in her sleepColdplay
I don't wanna be the reason why/i see him die a little more insideRihanna
but it was not your fault but mine/and it was your heart on the lineMumford and Sons
I followed the voice you gave me/But now i've got to find my ownBeyoncé Knowles
And the games you'd play/you would always win/always win ...Adele
He begins to raise his voice/lower your's, grant him one last choiceThe Fray
I'm just trying to have fun/so keep the party jumping/so whats up?/(yeah)Willow Smith
The _______ is a little place, where we can get togetherB-52's
I know that she knows that she's not fond of me asking/true or false it may be, she's still out to get meThe Kooks
Then like a sinner before the gates of heaven/i'll be crawling back to youMeatloaf
Hush little baby, don't say a word/Never mind that noise you heard/It's just the beast under your bed/In your closet, in your headMetallica
Slam it to the left (if you're having a good time)/Shake it to the right (if you know that you feel fineSpice Girls
Chances thrown, nothing's free/Longing for, used to be/Still it's hard, hard to see/Fragile lives, shattered dreamsThe Offspring
I'll send an S.O.S to the world/I'll send an S.O.S to the worldThe Police
I never, ever, ever, ever thought that it would get betterN-Dubz
For every time that they want to count you out/you'll use your voice every single time you and open up your mouthMy Chemical Romance
We come from the land of the ice and the snow/From the midnight sun where the hot spring blowsLed Zeppelin
Hope you never watched the hoodwink, It'll make you stop, think, you'll think you're looking at aquamanThe Barenaked Ladies
Yeah i'm sorry/I can't afford a ferrari/but that don't mean I can't get you thereCee Lo Green
Everyone else in the room can see it/everyone else but youOne Direction
Too much of anything can make you sick/even the good can be a curse (curse)Cheryl Cole
Some boys take a beautiful girl/And hide her away from the rest of the worldCyndi Lauper
With the lights out, It's less dangerous/Here we are now, entertain usNirvana
I said excuse me you're a hell of a guy/I mean my my my my like pelican flyNicki Minaj
It's the moment of truth and the moment to die/It's the moment to live and the moment to die30 Seconds To Mars
Gotta have my bowl/gotta have my cerealRebecca Black
So they came into the outway/It was Sunday/What a black dayMichael Jackson
Soldier blue in the barren wastes, hunting and killing for gameIron Maiden
Her lips are devil red and her skin's the colour of mocha/She will wear you out, ___________Ricky Martin
Everyday i'm shufflingLMFAO
When the rain is pouring down, and my heart is hurting/You will always be around, this I know for certainAlicia Keys

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