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Can you name the James Bond films based on excerpts from both 'fresh' (positive) and 'rotten' (negative) reviews on Rotten Tomatoes?

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The grittiest Roger Moore Bond, it's an under-rated, gadget-light and stunt-heavy return to Cold War action.Let's face it: When you've seen one impregnable mountaintop fortress, you've seen 'em all.
Anchored by an engaging revenge plot, this Bond film has a great villain, a dark tone and several top-notch action set pieces.A cameo by Wayne Newton pushes the film into full-on kitsch...
A thoroughly satisfying, completely entertaining film that's also, rather surprisingly, an emotionally full experience.It also doesn't help that Denise Richards drags the movie down every time she appears on-screen.
Gone or reshaped are most of the conceits that have made Bond movies seem like an exercise in parody and nostalgia.[Title] tries to have it both ways, moving toward the genuine while still grasping for the outlandish. The result is a film that's caught between caution and abandonment.
It's all gaudily good, right down to Hervé Villechaize(!), bikini-clad Britt Ekland, and the inimitable Clifton James...Christopher Lee is superb, but a James Bond movie is in trouble when you're rooting for the villain.
It has Shirley Bassey's operatic theme, the Aston Martin and Shirley Eaton, killed with that magnificently macabre gold paint....[title] is an excess of-science-fiction fun, a mess of mechanical melodrama and a minimum of bedroom farce.
The movie's assured direction by Sam Mendes can't be underestimated.The franchise isn't worried about world safety. It's fretting over whether to start wearing Depends.
It's exactly that ridiculousness that makes it so enjoyable.Bond meets Star Wars in one of the series' sillier outings.
A particularly energetic, jaunty Bond adventure, the kind that is just plain fun to watch...Turgidly paced and overly reliant on less-than-thrilling underwater sequences... of the best in the series, due to the intriguing plot, sinister villains, and fabulously staged fight aboard the Orient Express.Much of it borders on the inept and the embarrassing, and that goes for the title song sung by Matt Monro...
Gets the job done, sometimes excitingly, often with style.Michelle Yeoh is a standout in an otherwise by-the-numbers entry in this not-so-gracefully aging series.
Great Bond. Lousy title.Nice title, shame about the movie.
Starting in Mexico City with an opening sequence that rates as one of the series best, [title] works when the action sequences take their time.What kind of monster casts Christoph Waltz as a villain and then hardly uses him?!
Berry's saucy, full-bodied performance gives this aging series a much needed kick...The Batman & Robin of the Bond series.
Its cheerful racism is overcome by a grand sense of fun and some of Moore's best moments in the franchise.The only thing about [title] to weather the test of time is its title song.
Walken as a Bond villain, Duran Duran on the soundtrack -- it could be an infomercial and I'd still love it!This time around, 007 is a paunchy old man looking like he needs to retire.
One of the best of the Moore Bonds, this is non-stop, gloriously excessive entertainment.The film has its moments -- Kiel's indestructible heavy racks up a good score -- but the rest is desperately weak.
Blofeld's volcano hideout is one of the most impressive of Ken Adam's sets for the franchise, and it is a pleasure to watch it be completely destroyed.Roald Dahl's implausible script is padded out with the usual exotic locations, stunts, and trickery.
A pure back-to-basics action-adventure spy drama which mostly delivers.Dalton isn't suave like Sean Connery or even Roger Moore.
Even featuring an inferior 007, [title] is a landmark change-of-pace, and an exhilarating and affecting piece of entertainment.It's ironic that this, perhaps the weakest Bond film, contains the character's most important piece of development.
...a fine cinematic introduction to the world's most famous secret agent.The film geek in me wants to praise it, but the film critic in me wants to expose its flaws.
Pierce Brosnan turns in a fine performance, establishing himself as a fine heir to the Bond throne.[Title] rapidly disintegrates into an endless series of gratuitous explosions and suspense-free motor vehicle chases, each one louder and less interesting than its predecessor.
Director Marc Forster turns out to be a natural as the helmer of a high-energy, high-gloss action film.The only thing that's shaken is the camera work and I certainly wasn't stirred by a dang thing.
This film is as over-the-top as they come.Fairly forgetable addition to the 007 series, bringing Connery's tenure to a unsatisfying close.

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