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QUIZ: Can you name the words in this Queen themed word ladder?

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Chinese for mint
Effect where the presence of carbon dioxide decreases the bloods affinity for oxygen
Also known as a wild pig
Baloo, Winnie, Yogi
Lima or kidney
In education the person with significant authority over a specific academic unit
Mother of Prince William and Harry, minus final letter
Language spoken in areas of Papua New Guinea
Nasty, unkind
Breakfast, supper, lunch
Professional football club based out of Spain: ____ Madrid
Personification of death: The Grim ____er
Gershwin's '____sody in Blue'
To cause the skin to redden or crack
To cut down a tree with an axe
Gaming mode, also known as two player mode
Black and white cartoon Betty ____
A type of shoe often worn by women
Jamaican sprinter, regarded as the fastest man alive, Usain ____
A shade of brown, also known as terra rosa
If something looks like it might go wrong it does not ____ well
The entire structure of an organism
Having equal force or strength: I____namic

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