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Forced Order
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When Arthur arrives in the hotel to get Cobb for their ride on the roof, it is dark outside. When they are out on the roof, it is around noon
Mr. Ray is not a Mr. at all, as he lacks claspers (the male reproductive organs found on rays and sharks)
The stop sign in New England when Michael returns from Sicily is red and white. Stop signs were yellow and black at that time and did not change to red and white until the 1960s
In the Morning Run scene, the camera zooms out as Rocky runs down the street. The lighting equipment is visible at the top of the screen, right above the farthest building
As they are preparing for the chariot race, a raised platform is shown which is made of galvanized steel
The real wizard makes the fake wizard's voice by talking directly into the microphone, but when the fake wizard says 'Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!' the real wiz
The piece of meat Cypher eats at the restaurant changes from one shot to the next
Kenneth Mattingly appears to be using a Maglite in the simulator. This wasn't introduced until 1979
When Kane shouts at Jim Gettys from the stairwell, it is clear that most of the words he is saying are not coming out of his mouth
When Prof. Higgins sings 'Never Let A Woman In Your Life' he turns on several phonographs, seconds later he turns off one of them but all of the sounds stop
When Scarlett visits the Lumber mill we see a saw cutting lumber, the 'whirr' of an electric motor can be heard quite clearly
When Tristan and Victoria are sipping champagne, Victoria's glass changes from empty to full to empty and just as Tristan asks her if she wants a refill, it's half full again
The sun would not be up in Virgina on October 30th of any year at 6:42:12 AM. It would still be dark
During the shower scene, the placement of the curtain rings varies multiple times
When Green Day's barge begins to sink, they all pull out violins. However, when they start to play, you hear a cello as well.
Harry's scar clearly changes positions throughout the movie
In the first scene we see a completed white domed church of Sacré Coeur atop the hill. The basilica was not completed until 1914, 14 years after the story takes place
Reese meets with Fox and shows him the Tumbler blueprints he's discovered. What is clearly the right side of the vehicle is marked on the print as the left elevation
The smudge on Chihiro's face changes shape, switches sides, and disappears at random during the first 40 minutes of the movie
When the rampaging Alex is performing 'Singing In The Rain,' leaning over Frank, his mouth is not moving
Although the events of the movie are set in the summer of 2006, the cricket match being played at Javed's house between India and South Africa was played in 2007
Just after finding Newt, Ripley gives her a cup of hot chocolate and the cup handle switches sides between shots
Mary Morstan, Watson's fiancée, says she is a fan of detective novels, including those by Poe. Edgar Allan Poe wrote short detective stories, not novels
When Luke, Ben, and the droids first enter the cantina and Wuher the bartender yells, 'Hey! We don't serve their kind here!' his voice does not match his lips
When the trumpet and trombone players raise their instruments to play 'La Marseillaise', the music begins a split second before they start playing
In the scene at the bowling alley, the woman at the table with Miles (Sienna's grandmother?) is smoking. Smoking indoors is illegal in California (although it is possible the bowli
The ball that the Jesus rolls down the lane is on lane 23, yet the lane number is reversed, as is lane number 24, indicating a flipped shot
Young Hal has bright blue eyes. Adult Hal has brown eyes
One of the gravestones near the 'unknown' grave in the cemetery has the deceased dying in 1867, two years after the Civil War
During the final battle in front of the gates of Mordor the entire army of Gondor and Rohan are on horses. But when the war begins the horses are nowhere to be seen

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