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Can you name the Harry Potter character by a random, obscure line?

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Forced Order
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Obscure LineCharacterBook
I will not be spoken to like that!Goblet of Fire
I think all this merits a good feast.Chamber of Secrets
They're even staring at us.Half Blood Prince
I say, look at that man.Philosopher's Stone
I'll see you around Harry.Order of the Phoenix
Give me a reason to do it, and I swear I will.Prisoner of Azkaban
(character's name) won't, (character's name) won't, (character's name) won't!Half Blood Prince
YOU'VE GOT THE WRONG MAN!Prisoner of Azkaban
I don't want you lot sneaking out of school to see me, all right?Goblet of Fire
Never - in all my time at Hogwarts -.Philosopher's Stone
But I don't care either, I don't care!Half Blood Prince
Well said Harry.Deathly Hallows
I am very lucky to be working alongside Professor SnapePrisoner of Azkaban
That's top secret, that is.Philosopher's Stone
MUUUUM! He's doing you know what!Chamber of Secrets
You are so like Ron - Deathly Hallows
The monster lived on. And the one who had the power to release it was not imprisoned.Chamber of Secrets
What did you expect, turnips?Philosopher's Stone
Obscure LineCharacterBook
You've got a nerve, boy!Half Blood Prince
Did you know one of your eyebrows is bright yellow?Half Blood Prince
Malfoy's got detention! I could sing!Philosopher's Stone
Made by Goblins, I think?Deathly Hallows
Ah, sir, ask no more, ask no more of poor (character's name)Chamber of Secrets
Oh, he knows how to play...Order of the Phoenix
No, I don't think so, Mrs Cattermole.Deathly Hallows
It's that mudblood! Avada Kedavra!Deathly Hallows
You fly very well. I vos votching at the first task.Goblet of Fire
That was a very decent thing you just did, Potter.Goblet of Fire
Oh, you don't know Potter as I do, Bellatrix.Order of the Phoenix
I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the giant squid.Order of the Phoenix
Oh, you is a bad elf Dobby!Goblet of Fire
Me, a spy...must be out of your mind...Prisoner of Azkaban
Don't want to lose you again, do we?Prisoner of Azkaban
Books can be misleading.Chamber of Secrets
I'd NEVER call you a, you-know-what!Order of the Phoenix

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