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Father of Jia Chong
Saw through the fake defection at Shiting 
Zhuge Liang's oldest brother
Served Sun Quan at Wu 
Sacrificed his life for Sun Jian at Sishui Gate
One of Sun Jian's original officers 
Advised Sun Ce to give the Imperial Seal to Yuan Shu
One of Sun Jian's original officers 
Yuan Shao's official successor
One of the three Yuan brothers 
Advised Cao Ren to hold on to Fancheng after the flooding
One of Cao Cao's earliest advisors 
Executed Deng Ai and his son during Zhong Hui's rebellion
Later served the Jin Dynasty 
Prime minister of Wu during Sun Xiu's time
He executes Zhu Yi during Zhuge Dan's rebellion 
Lived to see Shu's birth and demise
Formerly a Yellow Turban 
Cao Cao's oldest son, who died in Wancheng
Historically, he gave up his own horse when Shadow Runner fell in combat 
Fell at Baima Castle
He was regarded as one of Yuan Shao's top generals 
Killed by Sima Yi during his coup
He liked going on pointless hunting trips 
Was executed alongside Chen Gong and Lu Bu at Xiapi
Lu Bu's adoptive father prior to Dong Zhuo
He was killed by Lu Bu when he left to serve Dong Zhuo 
Leader of the Ten Eunuchs Rebellion
Was also a pirate, like Zhou Tai, prior to serving Wu
Ma Chao's lord prior to serving Liu Bei
He surrenders to Cao Cao after Pang De's surrender 
One of Cao Pi's younger brothers who also competed for Zhenji
Ling Tong's father
He was killed by Gan Ning during the battle at Xiakou 
The ruler of Wu prior to Sun Ce's arrival, and refused to put Taishi Ci in control.
One of the rulers Wu prior to Sun Ce, and later one of Cao Cao's advisors
Wang Yuanji's grandfather 
Ma Chao's father
Executed by Cao Cao, and lead to Ma Chao's rebellion 
An oath brother of Ma Chao's father
Defects to Cao Cao during the battle at Tong Gate 
Lost Tong Gate to Ma Chao's forces
He is one of Cao Cao's cousins 
One of Liu Bei's advisors who died at Yiling
His brother lost Jieting 
Led a rebellion against Cao Cao at Wancheng
Dong Zhuo's strategist who saw through Diaochan's scheme
Executed shortly after Dong Zhuo's death 
Cai Wenji's father
Executed for mourning Dong Zhuo 
Deceived the Wei forces at Shiting
Was Xuzhou's governor when he attacked by Cao Cao
He is succeeded by Liu Bei 
Attacked by Sun Quan at Xiakou
He is later killed by Gan Ning 
Betrayed Wei during Shu's Hanzhong campaign, and set fire to Wei's camp after defecting
He was among Zhuge Liang's most trusted aides 
Successor of Zhuge Liang as Shu's regent
Not Jiang Wei 
The one who instigated Pang De's surrender by spreading false news to their lord
He was executed for disloyalty to his original lord. 
The ruler of Sichuan province prior to Liu Bei's arrival
He surrenders to prevent harm to the civilians. 
He was Liu Bei's childhood friend, and was his lord for a moment.
His renowned cavalry was defeated by Yuan Shao. 
He was one of Guan Yu's officers during the events leading to Fancheng and committed suicide shortly after Guan's death.
He was Cao Pi's successor
He was killed by Jia Chong's men after a failed coup.
He is the last Wei emperor to have held actual power. 
Was responsible for Pang Tong's death
He was executed by Zhuge Liang after refusal to surrender. 
He drowned during the battle of Ruxukou after his ship capsized.
In the novel, he is Lu Bu's father-in-law, and he later contacts Lu Bu to take Xiapi from Zhang Fei.
He is one of Cao Cao's childhood friends, and helped lead the surrender of Jingzhou to Cao Cao. He later served as a naval commander.
He was executed by Cao Cao after a false letter from Zhou Yu. 
He provided Liu Bei with shelter during his time at Jingzhou
He bring the boat that escorts Liu Bei away at Changban.
He was originally supposed to inherit Jingzhou. 
He was a eunuch who was said to have been a key reason to Shu's demise.
In the novel, he's responsible for killing Gan Ning.
He is later killed by Zhou Tai in the same battle. 
He urges Liu Bei to take Sichuan, and introduces him to Fa Zheng.
Executed by his lord when the ploy was found out. 
He is Liu Bei's adoptive son, who was executed for refusing to aid Guan Yu at Maicheng.
Rebelled against Wei and declared himself, 'King of Yan'
He led the defense of Chencang against Shu.
He dies shortly after the successful defense 
In the novel, he is credited with capturing Guan Yu, and later takes his weapon. He eventually killed by Guan Xing at Yiling.
Despite being highly regarded as a senior minister by Sun Ce, this person advised Sun Quan to surrender to Cao Cao prior to the Battle at Chibi
He, along with Zhou Yu, was among the two people who Sun Ce recommended in his deathbed. 
He was responsible for killing Sun Ce's assassins during a hunting trip.
He was one of Sun Jian's original retainers. 
He was responsible for evacuating Sun Ce's family during his conquest of Wu.
He is also Sun Ce's main strategist. 
He was the lord of Changsha, and the lord of both Wei Yan and Huang Zhong, the latter nearly executed for failing to kill Guan Yu.
He shoots the arrow that hits Xiahou Dun's eye.
He urges Gan Ning to surrender to Huang Zu.
When he is captured, Gan Ning successfully pleads for this man's life. 
He was defeated by the Wu forces at Jiangling, but was rescued by Cao Ren.
Historically, he was known for using cannibalism to feed Cao Cao's army.

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