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History: When was Nevillie Chamberlain's declaration of war speech broadcasted to the British masses? (MM:DD:YYYY)
Music: When did Paul McCartney officially announce that he was to leave the Beatles? (MM:DD:YYYY)
History, Social Studies: When did Denmark get its first constitution. (YYYY)
Social Studies: Along with Karl Marx, who is mostly known for being one of the fathers of traditional Marxism? (Full Name)
Literature: Which author, heavily known for his works of horror, wrote the best-seller 'The Shining' which would later be made into a hit film by Stanley Kubrick? (Full name)
Geography, History: What nation was once in a bloody civil war, that lasted for over 20+ years, ended up being defeated and escaped to an island once belonging to The Empire Japan
Literature: What author is famously known for having written the original Harry Potter books (Abbreviation + Last Name)
Movies: What movie, made in 1994, is said to be the reason why the 'Shawshank Redemption' didn't receive any Oscars? (Title of movie)
Guns: What weapon was post-poned in production by the orders of Adolf Hitler, has its year of first production in its name, and is said to be the first assault rifle? (Abbr.)
Religion: What country does the original Christmas Tree come from? (Modern Name)
Music: What band, consisting of 3 key brothers, all born on the same island in Britain, has said to be one of the most influential bands in Disco, and made a soundtrack to a movie
Geography: What state in the USA starts with a U, and has a beach from the Normandy landings named after it?
Is this true: The 'Mandela Effect' is known to be an effect, in which a large group clearly remembers something in a certain way, but turns out to be different. (True/False)
Politics: How many nations are officially part of European Union? (Raw Number)
History, Geography: At their peak, was the British Empire in fact larger than the French Empire, when both continental Europe and overseas terrotories are included? (Yes/No)
Quotes: Who said this: 'We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.'? (Abbriviation)
Literature: Who wrote the book 'Pride and Prejudice'? (Full Name)
Quotes: Who said this: '... Japan on Sunday, December 7, 1941, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese Empire.'? (Abbriviation)
Movies: What is the first non-English-speaking movie, that won Picture of The Year during the Oscars? (Movie Title)
Quotes: Who said this: “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.”? (Full Name)
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