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Connected NYC to Chicago in 1853; an example of technological innovation impacting the rise of big business.
full time profession with formal training and voluntary professional associations but no legal protection.
Airline. Combined cost leadership with perceived high quality
applied lean production practices to hospital setting. Reduced cases of pneumonia and accommodated 57% more patients (2002-4)
failed to adapt cheap hardware expensive software strategy to technological advancement of digital cameras.
a full time profession with extensive training and body of knowledge with mandatory professional associations, code of ethics and statutory protection.
CEO Jeff Bezos described strategy as like ‘planting an acorn’: specific formalised plan but can develop flexibly.
Airline. Differentiation through sponsorship and luxury service.
Pioneer of managerial driven firm
lead US mgmt consultancy market with estimated revenues of $7bn in 2011.
Markets to children by offering toys with food
extremely diversified whilst retaining same name.
criticised for use of ‘advergames’ to advertise to children
a full time profession with formal training but no standardised body of knowledge, professional associations, code of ethics or legal status.
Principle driven family-owned business. Three core values: loyalty, dignity and CSR.
so widespread that Big Macs are used as a measure of purchasing power parity (Klein).
core competency in engine design
moved manufacturing back from China to Kentucky demonstrating effect of transaction cost on outsourcing/supply chain decisions.
Airline. Cost leadership through removing free meals, luggage etc
A company that backs up Rumelt’s theory that there can be a successful firm within an industry that has low barriers to entry, high threat of substitutes etc.
Technology Company with core competencies in software design and marketing. Strong brand valued at $153bn
British family owned firm
commended for having an untraditional campus. Culture of fun/innovation.
diversified into many different industries (multi-divisional firm)
doomed company known for strong organisational culture. (Lack of questioning?)
by increasing efficiency could reduce Model T price from $850 to $260
Believer in vertical integration. Involved in every stage of production. ‘cut out middle man’.
Chairman Tom Watson Sr predicted a world market for 5 computers (1945)
used image of rugged individual man (in opposition to changing society) to promote whiskey.

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