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Can you name the answers to these trivia questions about The Simpsons episode '24 Minutes'?

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The episode is a spoof of which Fox television drama?
What does 'CTU' stand for?
Marge: Kids love the _____ of raisins!
Whom does Marge fight with at the Kwik-E-Mart for the last box of raisins?
What temperature does Marge set the oven to, in order to bake her cake quicker?
Having been told he is 'the fat one of you guys' what does Kearney claim he is bulking up for?
When Homer arrives at Moe's, what can Moe be seen to be reading?
Who does Bart claim to be looking for when Jack Bauer intercepts his phone call?
Bart: Son of a _____ they're gone!
Upon entry to the CTU, who can be seen kissing Groundskeeper Willie?
How long does Marge have to make her cake?
What does Homer place on his head when passing the cops?
What can be read on the desk of one of the missing bullies?
Jimbo: They're going to wish that the Bake sale was a _______ _______ sale!
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant: Available for __________
Having been 'busted' what does Jimbo tell 'Mole' to do?
Skinner: Simpson! I'll teach you to make a _____ me!
What can Bart be seen to be engraving onto his arm with a knife, whilst being sat in the detention room?
What does Sarah Wiggum make for the bake sale, that Homer clearly disapproves of?
Homer: I'm just glad you taste of _____!
How long is the timer set for on the stink bomb?
Who can be seen in the ventilation system, stuck to a spider web?
Having been told off by Marge for coming home dirty from fighting, who does Homer say Lenny claimed his father to be?
What does 'HDW' stand for?

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