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The faction of the Patriots criticized William V, who held THIS POSITION AS HEAD OF STATE in the Netherlands, and blamed his family's rule for the decline of Dutch power1780-1795 AD
THIS EMPEROR appointed his brother as king of Holland, the only period in history in which the name Holland was officially used for the whole of the Netherlands1769-1821 AD
THIS FIRST KING of the Kingdom of the Netherlands eventually abdicated, dissappointed at having to accept the Belgian independence from the kingdom1772-1843 AD
The first train line in the Netherlands was opened between Amsterdam and THIS CITY, which also gave its name to a New York neighborhood1839 AD
Written by Johan Thorbecke, the current Dutch constitution introduced THIS FORM OF GOVERNMENT in the Netherlands1848 AD
Multatuli, a pseudonym of Eduard Douwes Dekker, wrote his book Max Havelaar, one of the greatest Dutch novels, about the misconduct to natives in THIS DUTCH COLONY1860 AD
A law by Samuel van Houten ended child labor, which had become common practice following THIS TRANSITION PERIOD19th century AD
THIS DUTCH PAINTER only sold one painting during his lifetime, even though he produced more than 2,100 artworks which now often rank among the most expensive paintings in the world1853-1890 AD
Aletta Jacobs, the first woman in Dutch history to be admitted to university, was also the first woman to practice THIS PROFESSION1854-1929 AD
During the First World War the Netherlands, remaining neutral, had to take in large numbers of refugees from THIS COUNTRY1914-1918 AD
THIS ARTIST, famous for his use of primary colors, was an important contributor to the De Stijl art movement1917-1931 AD
The economic crisis of the '30's hit the Netherlands very hard, perhaps even more so because the Dutch government held fast to THIS MONETARY SYSTEM1929-1940 AD
The Netherlands capitulated to Germany in the Second World War after THIS HARBOR CITY had been largely destroyed by a German air raid on the 14th of May 19401940-1945 AD
THIS GIRLS' DIARY has become one of the most iconic books portraying persecution of Jews under German occupation1929-1945 AD
The western part of THIS ISLAND remained Dutch until 1962, even though the independence of the rest of Indonesia was recognized by the Dutch in 19491945-1949 AD
Willem Drees, a Dutch labour party politician, laid the groundworks for THIS CONCEPT OF GOVERNMENT installing a state pension for all elderly1886-1988 AD
A flood that struck mainly THIS PROVINCE, after which a pacific island nation is named, caused 1800 deaths, made 72.000 people homeless and flooded 200.000 hectares of land1st of February 1953
THIS COMPANY from Eindhoven was one of the major motors behind the rise of television in Dutch society, and remains a major player in the world television market1948 AD onwards
The port of Rotterdam, which grew to be the largest in the world for many years and remains the largest outside Asia, lies on the mouth of the Rhine and THIS OTHER RIVERca. 1880 onwards
THIS WRITER of children's literature is considered one of the greatest Dutch writers for her many books and nursery rhymes1911-1995 AD
In the decolonization of the western colonies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the independence of THIS COUNTRY in 1975 was a major milestone1945 AD onwards
In the civil war in THIS (FORMER) COUNTRY the fall of the enclave of Srebrenica, protected by a Dutch UN Protection Force, led to the massacre of over 8.000 muslim men and boys1995 AD
The multicultural society in the Netherlands was largely a result of the many guest workers who came to the country, mainly from THESE TWO COUNTRIES1945 AD onwards
THIS FOSSIL FUEL, of which a large field was discovered in the north of the Netherlands in 1959, has made a strong contribution to the Dutch economy1959-2030? AD
The Netherlands was one of the founding members of THIS INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION which has grown to 28 member states and a common currency among 19 states1945 AD onwards

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