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THESE MEGALITHIC TOMBS were built with large boulders and can still be found, especially in the province of Drentheca. 3000 BC
THIS RIVER served as the border, or Limes, of the Roman Empire in the low countries47-ca.400 AD
THIS ENGLISH MONK from Northumbria came to the area to convert the Frisians to Christianity, becoming the first bishop of Utrecht658-739 AD
THIS EMPEROR, sometimes called 'Father of Europe' (Pater Europae) ordered the building of the kaiserpfalz in the city of Nijmegen742-814 AD
One of the first known written Dutch sentences (hebban olla vogala etc.) was written by a monk from THIS DUTCH SPEAKING REGION, now not part of the Netherlandsca. 1100 AD
Floris V, count of Holland, was the first to use the Ridderzaal, where each year since 1904 the speech from the throne takes place, in THIS DUTCH CITY1254-1296 AD
Zutphen, Deventer, Tiel, Kampen and Zwolle are examples of Dutch members of THIS COMMERCIAL AND DEFENSIVE CONFEDERATION of merchant guilds and their market towns1356-ca. 1450 AD
THIS HUMANIST and proponent of religious toleration from Rotterdam wrote 'The Praise of Folly'1469?-1536 AD
THIS LORD OF THE NETHERLANDS, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor tried to centralize authority in the Dutch provinces1500-1558 AD
In the 'Beeldenstorm' or Iconoclastic Fury proponents of the protestant movement founded by THIS FRENCHMAN destroyed the interior of many Dutch churches and monasteries1566 AD
William the Silent, the Dutch 'Father of the Nation' and leader of the revolt against Spanish rule, was count of Nassau-Dillenburg and prince of THIS FRENCH PRINCIPALITY1533-1584 AD
After not finding a new monarch following the 'Plakkaat van Verlatinghe' (the Dutch declaration of indepence), the Seven United Provinces switched to THIS FORM OF GOVERNMENT1588-1795 AD
THIS CHARTERED COMPANY, established on initiative of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, was the worlds first multinational corporation1602-1799 AD
The Beemster, an area reclaimed from a lake north of Amsterdam, was the first example of THIS TYPE OF LAND, kept dry by the windmills characteristic for the west of the Netherlands1612 AD
The 'Grachtengordel' or Canal District was the form of urban expansion in THIS CITY1613-1662 AD
THIS DUTCH JURIST laid the foundations for international law and is famous for escaping from emprisonment in the Loevestein Castle in a book case1583-1645 AD
THIS BOOK was translated into Dutch financed by the Dutch States-General because of the protestant opinion that it should be read by everyone1637 AD
THIS WORLD FAMOUS PAINTER, known for his innovative use of light in his paintings, is an iconic example of the cultural bloom of the Golden Age in the Netherlands1606?-1669 AD
THIS BOOK created by Willem Janszoon Blaeu, contains 594 maps and 3000 pages of text and was the most expensive book published in the 17th century1662 AD
THIS LIEUTENANT-ADMIRAL of the Dutch Navy was the commander of the Dutch fleet that destoyed the English fleet in the Medway near Chatham in the Second Anglo-Dutch War 1607-1676 AD
The unmanned spacecraft mission to Saturn is named after Cassini and THIS DUTCH SCIENTIST, inventor of the pendulum clock and discoverer of Saturn's rings and its moon Titan1629-1695 AD
THIS PHILOSOPHER, whose main work, the Ethica, was published after his death, laid the groundwork for the 18th century Enlightenment1632-1677 AD
The Dutch played a large role in THIS ATROCIOUS SYSTEM, both as traders and as colonizers, and only abolished the system in 1863 as one of the last European countries ca.1637-1863 AD
Most of the Dutch villas built in this period, which rich merchants would use to spend the summer, lie along a river or canal, due to the common use of THIS MODE OF TRANSPORT17th and 18th century AD
Eise Eisenga, an amateur astronomer, built the oldest still working EXAMPLE OF THIS in his living room in the Frisian town of Franeker1744-1828 AD

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