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Former Grand Magus of the Kirin Tor. Has a memorial dedicated to him in Dalaran.A
Members of this Dwarf family include Muradin, Brann, Magni and Moira.B
Lady Vashj resides here. It is a compound of three dungeons and one raid instance located in Zangarmarsh.C
He returns in Cataclysm and wreaks havoc on Azeroth.D
She is the Night Elf goddess of the moon.E
Speakers of Gutterspeak and subjects of the Banshee Queen.F
Leader of the Gronn.G
He leads the Tauren druids and was seriously injured in the Firelands campaign.H
Made up of a raid instance, the Halls of Reflection, the Pit of Saron and the Forge of Souls.I
Leader of Theramore and main human leader in Kalimdor.J
Majordomo of the Lich King and ruler of Naxxramas.K
Formerly a human kingdom, now a continent of ruin ruled by the undead.L
Now deceased, he was once the ruler of the pit lords. Slain by Grom Hellscream.M
Shared the title of Lich King with Arthas.N
Once called Lady Prestor, she is a Broodmother of the Black Dragonflight.O
Necessary for vehicle use in Ulduar, this can now be mined in Cataclysm.P
A humanoid race that makes Razorfen Kraul and Razorfen Downs their home.Q
A goblin city that provides transportation to Stranglethorn Vale.R
The capital of Terokkar Forest and the main city of Outland.S
Made after the destruction of Nordrassil. Houses Darnassus.T
Killed by Arthas, he was the first paladin and the grand master of the Silver Hand.U
A raid instance located inside of Wintergrasp Keep.V
An alliance race that call Gilneas their home.W
Possibly the most annoying boss ever, he is found in Ulduar.X
She is the leader of the Green Dragonflight.Y
This is a troll prefix and can be found on Aman, Drak and Gurub.Z

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