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Can you name the episodes of the first season of Twig & Pik-pik: The Show?

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Plot SynopsisEpisode
Edge likes to get eaten!
Blossom gets a pet dilophasaurus and Pik-pik goes to piano class
The birthday of a Red Pikmin
Thorn doesn't understand the true spirit of
Tamama is back, desuu!
The shipping episode between Thorn and Sunny
Twig & Pik-pik when they were younger
Plot SynopsisEpisode
They never went to space
A Pikmin abduction to a 'kidnap surprise party'
It's all about Thorn's guard
Nobody read the video description
Twig and Thorn discuss how nobody read the video description
Pikminjake filmed this one at his father's house
A younger Thorn gets possessed by Tamama

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