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Answer the NFS Carbon trivia questions within the time limit.

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Forced Order
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Main antagonist of the game.
What does the acronym TFK stand for?
Minor crew with a pitchfork emblem.
What car does Kenji drive?
What is the name of Kenji's crew?
What Most Wanted 2005 character appears in the game?
Which boss drives an Aston Martin DB9?
The primary color of this crew is red.
What crew uses a purple scorpion as their emblem?
What car does Angie join Stacked Deck with?
What area is controlled by 21st Street?
Bushido member that joins the player's crew.
First person to join the player's crew.
This minor crew drives all black cars.
What course does the final canyon duel take place on?
Boss of 21st Street.
What two colors appear on TFK cars?
What car class does Bushido use?
Female that drives a Ford GT.
This crew uses purple muscle cars.

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