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Who is Sherlock's flatmate, friend, and colleague?John Watson (In the books, Arthur Conan Doyle sometimes forgot his name. In one story, he is called 'James' by his wife.)
Who is Sherlock's brother?Mycroft Holmes (He first appears in 'The Greek Interpreter', in the books.)
Who is Sherlock's greatest and most famous enemy?Moriarty (Described in the books as the 'Napoleon of Crime', and in the TV series as a 'consulting criminal'.)
What is [Question 1]'s profession?Doctor (And he learned the clarinet at school.)
What instrument does Sherlock play?Violin (He plays the violin in both the books and the TV series.)
Where does Sherlock live? Give the house/flat name and the street.221B Baker Street (The TV series were unable to film in the real Baker Street as there was too much Sherlock Holmes advertising.)
How many nicotine patches does Sherlock need to solve his first case?Three (They replace his trusty pipes of old.)
What animal does Sherlock encounter in Series 2, Episode 2?Hound (It's very specific - not a dog. A hound.)
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What was the cause of the death for the four victims of 'A Study in Pink'?Poison (The same cause of death for the victims in 'A Study in Scarlet'.)
Who is Sherlock's landlady?Mrs Hudson (Again, Conan Doyle fails at continuity - she's called Mrs Turner in one book.)
Who is 'The Woman'?Irene Adler (The only woman that ever beat him... literally.)
Who is his pathologist friend, who fails to disguise her attraction for Sherlock?Molly Hooper (She is the only main character to be invented by the BBC.)
What is Sherlock's job title?Consulting Detective (He claims to have invented the profession...)
What was the four-digit password to [Question 13]'s phone?SHER (She was Sherlocked.)
What type of hat is he famously portrayed wearing?Deerstalker (Sherlock thinks it looks like a death frisbee.)
What information source does Sherlock have around London that helped him track the Golem?Homeless Network (He has a network called 'The Baker Street Irregulars' in the books.)

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