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What adjective is often used to describe Aeneas? (English not Latin)
What does Virgil sing of at the beginning?
Where is Aeneas coming from?
Where is he going to?
Which river runs through Italy?
Which goddess is angry with Aeneas?
Colonists from where have founded Carthage?
Juno loves Carthage more than which other city?
Who is Juno's father?
Who gave the golden apple of beauty to Venus, over Juno and Athene?
Who was the cup-bearer to Zeus?
When we first see the Trojans, which island is just out of their sight?
What is Juno's relation to Jupiter?
Whom did Athene kill?
To whom does Juno go for help?
What does he control?
Who gave him this control?
What does Juno bribe [question 13] with?
Aeneas wishes that he had been killed at the hands of which Greek?
Who killed Hector?
What is the name of the reef on which three ships get caught?
Who steps in to halt the storm?
What is the name of the east wind?
What country does Aeneas then head to?
How many ships are left from the Trojan fleet?
What foodstuff do they have with them?
What animals does Aeneas see when he goes to look for his fleet?
Who threw rocks at Aeneas and his men? (He recounts this story to them.)
Who comes to talk to Jupiter, upset over Aeneas' misfortune?
How long will Aeneas reign in Latium?
What is Aeneas' son's name?
What extra name will he take on?
How many years will it be until the arrival of Romulus?
Who is the father of Romulus and Remus?
Who is their mother?
Which god does Jupiter send down to Carthage to ensure the Carthaginians receive the Trojans kindly?
What is the name of the Queen of the Carthaginians?
What woman does Aeneas meet in the morning?
Who was Dido's first husband?
Who was her brother?
What was the name given to the small piece of land that Dido bought on coming to Libya?
How does [question 37] disguise Aeneas?
What is Aeneas' friend's name?
What animal does Virgil compare the Carthaginians to?
What event is depicted on the temple of Juno in Carthage?
Which goddess is Dido compared to?
Which of the Greeks addresses Dido first, talking about Aeneas flatteringly?
Who was disguised as Ascanius?
What story does Dido ask Aeneas to tell?

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