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QUIZ: Can you name the World War II movies??

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Forced Order
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Operation Market Garden1977
Spike Lee's film about black soldiers in Italy2008
Operation Overlord1962
Charlie Chaplin stars in this satire of Adolf Hitler1940
Use of the Navajo Indians in winning the Battle of Saipan2002
'Old Blood and Guts'1970
British POWs work on the Burma Railway1957
The story behind the flag raising on Mt. Suribachi2006
Lee Marvin leads 12 convicts on a dangerous mission 1967
Two former lovers reunite in Nazi occupied/Vichy Morrocco1942
Nazi buisnessman buys Jews to have them work in his factory hence saving them from Auschwitz1993
Americans use German u-boat in dangerous mission to capture the German enigma machine2000
Story about the Bielksi brothers2008
Group of Jewish-Americans seek revenge against the Nazis2009
Hitler's last days in Berlin2004
Iwo Jima from the Japanese perspective2007
Story of a german boy who befriends a Jewish boy behind the fence at the Concentration Camp his father is the Kommandant of2008
The July 20th plot to kill Hitler2008
American and British POW's conspire to escape from a POW camp1963
Pearl Harbor from the Japanese and American perspective1970
Story about the first African-American pilots1995
A tale of two snipers in the ruins of Stalingrad2001
HBO film about the Wannasee Conference2001
A small group of soldiers are sent on a mission to find a missing 101st airborne soldier after his three brothers were killed in combat 1998
Foreign film depicting Jews counterfeiting the British pound and American dollar in a concentration camp (Operation Bernhard)2007
Post war trial of German judges for their roles in the Nazi regime 1961
The story behind the naval battle that turned the tide in the Pacific1976
German film about a submarine during the battle of the atlantic1981
All American Woman's Baseball League1990

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