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1Mamie starts with this.
2Search the skeleton in Zexen forest
3Complimentary prize in the Duck Village lottery
4Win the 2000 potch prize in Billy's card game
5Search the skeleton in Mt. Hei-Tou
6Complimentary prize in the Iksay Village lottery
7Search the skeleton in the mountain path
8Prize in the horse racing mini game
9Talk to the man on the path to the Iksay Village windmill
10Talk to the woman at the inn, Alma Kinan Village
11Talk to the woman beside the Iksay Village windmill
12Talk to the man north of Chris' house in Vinay del Zexay
13Talk to the woman in the back room of the Education Center in Le Buque
14Search the skeleton in Mt. Hei-Tou
15Talk to the woman in the Caleria tavern
16Talk to the woman in the Chisha Village tavern
17Copper Sun's Treasure Chest in the Cyndar Ruins (Chapter 5)
18Ghost Knight's Treasure Chest in Mt. Senai
19Talk to the lizard in the Great Hollow Inn
20Twin Snake's Treasure Chest in Mountain Path (Chapter 5)

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