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Can you name all of Hai Yo's recipes?

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1Hai Yo joins
2Cook-off 1
3Talk to Huan in Muse
4Hai Yo joins
5Talk to cook in Coronet Inn
6Hai Yo joins
7Hai Yo joins
8Cook-off 2
9Shelf in Kuskus
10Hai Yo joins
11Rare Find, Kuskus Item Shop
12Dropped by Eagle Man, Kobold Forest
13Talk to cook in Kobold Village Chief's tent
14Talk to cook in Radat tavern
15Hai Yo joins
16Shelf in Taki's house
17Cook-off 3
18Rare Find, Radat Item Shop
19Cook-off 4
20Talk to cook in Greenhill inn
21Dropped by Land Shark, Two River Sewers
22Cook-off 6
23Rare Find, Two River Item Shop
24Cook-off 5
25Rare Find, Greenhill Item Shop
26Rare Find, Highway Village Item Shop
27Cook-off 8
28Rare Find, Gregminster Item Shop
29Dropped by Zombie Slug, Matilda Forest Path
30Cook-off 7
31Rare Find, Kobold Village Item Shop
32Talk to Kent's mom, Highway Village
33Cook-off 10
34Dropped by DoReMi Elves, Greenhill Forest Path
35Rare Find, Muse Item Shop
36Dropped by Highland Soldiers, Rockaxe Castle
37Shelf in Gorudo's Office, Rockaxe Castle
38Cook-off 11
39Talk to Gremio in Gregminster
40Cook-off 12

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Tags:RPGs, suikoden

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