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Can you name the Hard Rock/AOR bands & artists from just 2 albums?

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Slippery When Wet ✯ New Jersey
Pyromania ✯ Hysteria
Too Fast for Love ✯ Theatre of Pain
The Razors Edge ✯ Black Ice
Flesh & Blood ✯ Native Tongue
7 Wishes ✯ Dawn Patrol
Bark at the Moon ✯ The Ultimate Sin
1984 ✯ For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
Cherry Pie ✯ Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich
The Right to Rock ✯ The Final Frontier
Turbo ✯ Screaming for Vengeance
Escape ✯ Raised on Radio
The Last Command ✯ Inside the Electric Circus
Lean Into It ✯ Bump Ahead
Wake Me When It's Over ✯ Whipped!
Hi Infidelity ✯ Wheels Are Turnin'
Three Lock Box ✯ VOA
Hear! ✯ New Audio Machine
Slide It In ✯ Slip of the Tongue
Hair of the Dog ✯ Razamanaz
Thunder in the East ✯ Lightning Strikes
Stick It to Ya ✯ The Wild Life
Pride ✯ Mane Attraction
The Number of the Beast ✯ Somewhere in Time
Rebel Yell ✯ Charmed Life
Bad Animals ✯ Brigade
Stand Tall ✯ Big Deal
Sahara ✯ Demons Down
Pump ✯ Permanent Vacation
Animalize ✯ Destroyer
Eat 'Em and Smile ✯ Skyscraper
Rock & Roll Strategy ✯ Tour de Force
Holy Water ✯ Straight Shooter
Sign in Please ✯ That's the Stuff
Mechanical Resonance ✯ Psychotic Supper
Pornograffitti ✯ Saudades de Rock
Slave to the Grind ✯ Subhuman Race
Freakshow ✯ Za-Za
The Final Countdown ✯ Out of This World
Don't Say No ✯ Emotions In Motion
17 ✯ 19
Nasty Nasty ✯ In Heat
Cocked & Loaded ✯ Hollywood Vampires
Once Bitten ✯ ...Twice Shy
Night Songs ✯ Long Cold Winter
Invasion of Your Privacy ✯ Detonator
Soldiers Under Command ✯ To Hell with the Devil
Tooth and Nail ✯ Under Lock and Key
Stay Hungry ✯ Love Is for Suckers
Appetite for Destruction ✯ Lies
Reckless ✯ Into the Fire
Vital Signs ✯ When Seconds Count
Screw It! ✯ Four the Hard Way
Don't Come Easy ✯ Strength in Numbers
The Last in Line ✯ Sacred Heart
Heaven and Hell ✯ Paranoid
Strength ✯ Animals with Human Intelligence
Down for the Count ✯ Open Fire
Hold Your Fire ✯ Good Acoustics
In the Heart of the Young ✯ Pull
Rev It Up ✯ Tangerine
The Sport of Kings ✯ Never Surrender
Trilogy ✯ Odyssey
Fahrenheit ✯ IV
Agent Provocateur ✯ 4
News of the World ✯ Hot Space
Tell No Tales ✯ Intuition
Ace of Spades ✯ Overkill
Shake Your Money Maker ✯ Amorica
Kilroy Was Here ✯ Paradise Theatre
Love at First Sting ✯ Crazy World
Permanent Waves ✯ Moving Pictures
Working Class Dog ✯ Living in Oz
Can't Hold Back ✯ No Control
Commandos ✯ Soldier's Gun
The Big Prize ✯ Racing After Midnight
Dangerous Curves ✯ Stiletto
Tough All Over ✯ Roadhouse
I've Got Everything ✯ Way Past Midnight
The Blitz ✯ Change of Address
Poetic Justice ✯ Love + War
The Hunger ✯ Soul Provider
Get Nervous ✯ Tropico
Bad Reputation ✯ I Love Rock 'n Roll
Dead Ringer ✯ Welcome to the Neighborhood
Rage for Order ✯ Empire
Don't Look Back ✯ Third Stage
Running the Endless Mile ✯ Under Parr
Metal Health ✯ Condition Critical
After the Rain ✯ Because We Can
Get Lucky ✯ Lovin' Every Minute of It
Hard Promises ✯ Long After Dark
Blow My Fuse ✯ Midnite Dynamite
The Fire Inside ✯ Against the Wind
Point of Know Return ✯ Power
Heart of Stone ✯ Love Hurts
Goodnight L.A. ✯ Wings of Heaven
Lap of Luxury ✯ Dream Police
Long Way to Heaven ✯ Walkin' the Razor's Edge
Alpha ✯ Astra
Freight Train Heart ✯ For the Working Class Man

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