Music Quiz / 300 Great Hair Metal Songs: Part II (101-200)

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Can you name the bands/artists who recorded these great hair metal songs?

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Song TitleBand/ArtistAlbum
Hysteria [1987]
I Am (I'm Me) [1983]
I Don't Believe In Love [1988]
I Don't Love You Anymore [1990]
I Must Be Dreaming [1986]
I Remember You [1989]
I Said The Wrong Thing To The Right Girl [1987]
I Still Think About You [1991]
I Want This Night (To Last Forever) [1987]
I Was Made For Lovin' You [1979]
I Won't Forget You [1986]
I'd Die For You [1986]
I'll Be There For You [1986]
I'll Cry For You [1991]
I'll Never Grow Up, Now! [1982]
I'll Never Let You Go [1990]
I'm A Legend Tonight [1982]
I'm Alive [1986]
I'm On To You [1988]
In My Dreams [1985]
In These Arms [1992]
Into The Fire [1984]
Intuition [1989]
Invasion [1986]
Invisible [1983]
It's Not Love [1985]
It's Over Now [1991]
Jaded Heart [1985]
Jump [1984]
Just Another Day [1985]
Just Got Lucky [1984]
Just Like Paradise [1988]
Just Take My Heart [1991]
Keep The Spirit Alive [1986]
Kill Or Be Killed [1985]
Kiss Me Deadly [1988]
L.O.V.E. Machine [1984]
Lay It Down [1985]
Learn To Love [1989]
Let It Go [1986]
Lick It Up [1983]
Listen To Your Heart [1987]
Little Suzi [1986]
Living After Midnight [1980]
Living On The Edge [1989]
Liza Jo [1988]
Long Way To Love [1988]
Looks That Kill [1983]
Louder Than Hell [1985]
Love Bites [1987]
Love Don't Come Easy [1991]
Love Kills [1988]
Love Lies [1984]
Love Me [1986]
Love You Forever [1986]
Me And The Boys [1987]
Midnite Maniac [1984]
Miracle [1990]
Miss You In A Heartbeat [1993]
Moneytalks [1990]
Mr. Brownstone [1987]
Mutha (Don't Wanna Go To School Today) [1989]
My Michelle [1987]
My Way [1987]
Never Gonna Die [1985]
Never Say Die [1990]
Never Say Goodbye [1986]
Night Songs [1986]
Nightrain [1987]
No Substitute [1986]
Nothin' But A Good Time [1988]
Nothing But Love [1993]
Nowhere To Run [1982]
On With The Show [1981]
One Good Reason [1990]
One In A Million [1990]
One Light Burning [1991]
One Step Away [1990]
One Step From Paradise [1989]
Only Lonely [1985]
Only The Young [1989]
Open Your Heart [1988]
Our Love [1984]
Out On The Streets [1985]
Over The Mountain [1981]
Panama [1984]
Photograph [1983]
Public Enemy #1 [1981]
Red Hot [1983]
Rescue Me [1994]
Restless Gypsy [1986]
Restless One [1991]
Revolution Calling [1988]
Ride The Wind [1990]
Rock 'N' Roll Children [1985]
Rock Of Ages [1983]
Rocket Queen [1987]
Rockin' With The Radio [1990]
Round And Round [1984]
Run For Your Life [1982]

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