Music Quiz / 300 Great Hair Metal Songs: Part III (201-300)

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Can you name the bands/artists who recorded these great hair metal songs?

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Song TitleBand/ArtistAlbum
Runnin' With The Devil [1978]
Sad Theresa [1992]
Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) [1989]
Santa Fe [1990]
Shake Me [1986]
She Don't Know Me [1984]
She Talks To Angels [1990]
Shelter Me [1990]
Shot In The Dark [1986]
Shot Through The Heart [1984]
Shout At The Devil [1983]
Shout It Out Loud [1976]
Silent Night [1985]
Singing To The Night [1986]
Sleeping (In The Fire) [1984]
Slippin' Away [1985]
Smooth Up In Ya [1988]
So Many Tears [1987]
So Savage The Heart [1992]
So Tell Me Why [1991]
Somebody's Out There [1986]
Something For The Pain [1995]
Something To Believe In [1990]
Sometimes She Cries [1988]
Standing Alone [1991]
Starry Eyes [1981]
Stayed Awake All Night [1983]
Stranger Than Paradise [1990]
Street Of Dreams [1983]
Streets Of Broken Hearts [1992]
Stronger Now [1995]
Summertime Girls [1985]
Sure Know Something [1979]
Sweet Child O' Mine [1987]
Take Me Down (Fallen Angel) [1989]
Tattooed Millionaire [1990]
Tears Are Falling [1985]
Tell Me [1987]
Ten Seconds To Love [1983]
That Time Of Year [1988]
That's The Stuff [1985]
The Deeper The Love [1989]
The End Of The Summer Days [1994]
The Fire Still Burns [1985]
The Last Command [1985]
The Last Kiss [1989]
The Last Mile [1988]
The Price [1984]
The Price Of Love [1991]
The Torture Never Stops [1984]
The Ultimate Sin [1986]
The Wild And The Young [1986]
Theatre Of The Soul [1993]
Think About You [1987]
Thrills In The Night [1984]
Thunderstruck [1990]
Time To Burn [1986]
Time To Let You Go [1991]
Times Are Changin' [1992]
Tonight [1981]
Tonight (We Need A Lover) [1985]
Tonight I'm Falling [1989]
Too Late For Love [1983]
Too Young To Fall In Love [1983]
True Believer [1992]
Turn On The Night [1987]
Two Steps Behind [1993]
Unchain The Night [1985]
Until You Suffer Some (Fire And Ice) [1993]
Wait [1987]
Wait Forever [1996]
Walk On Fire [1991]
Wasted Years [1986]
We Could Be Together [1985]
We Stand Alone [1988]
Welcome To The Jungle [1987]
We're Not Gonna Take It [1984]
What It Takes [1989]
When Love & Hate Collide [1995]
Who Made Who [1986]
Who Wants To Be Lonely [1985]
Widowmaker [1985]
Wild Angels [1989]
Wild Child [1985]
Wild In The Streets [1986]
Wild Is The Wind [1988]
Wild Side [1987]
Wings [1991]
Winners Take All [1984]
Without Love [1986]
Yankee Rose [1986]
Yesterdays [1991]
You Are All That I Need [1987]
You Can't Kill Rock And Roll [1981]
You Could Be Mine [1991]
You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget [1986]
You Shook Me All Night Long [1980]
You Want What We Got [1985]
You're In Love [1985]
You're Not Alone (Suzette's Song) [1983]

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