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Forced Order
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Who created Baby?
What is the Tree Turles uses durring the Special Movie event?
What Episode did Gohan, Goku's Son, first appear?
Who turned into a Super Saiyan first?
Who killed Grandpa Gohan?
Who was Uub's mentor?
Who/What kills future Goku?
Who is Master Shen's brother?
Who is Gohan's wife?
How old was Goku in the first episode of Dragon Ball?
Who created Special Beam Cannon?
What episode did Emperor Pilaf appear? (Name)
Who does Krillin Marry?
Where is the final battle with Kid Buu.
Who is Goku fighting when he The Heart Virus overtakes him?
Who did Super Buu absorb first?
Who is the second to flash the Saiyan hair on TV?
What is the attack called that killed Cell?
In the Saiyan Saga who almost kills Vegeta but, with Goku's advice, doesn't?
Who is the first android ever to appear in an episode?
Who killed Gohan?
Who kills Babidi?
Who was one of the most important characters in the fight with Kid Buu
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Who did Hercule claim he killed after the Cell Saga ended.
Who goes by the Alias of Android 20?
Who is the most known student of the Crane School?
Who is the Master of the Crane School and Master Roshi's Rival?
What does GT stand for?
Who wishes Goku was a kid again?
What episode did Raditz first appear? (Name)
Who kills Vegeta in the Majin Buu Saga?
Who killed Bibidi
What is the Earth dragon's name.
Who made the first wish on the Dragon Balls?
What Dragon Ball enemy did Goku kill by using a Dragon Fist attack
Who sends Android 19 to the 'Scrap Yard' (Kills him)
Who summoned the dragon first
Who was the second to achieve Super Saiyan 3?
What is the name of one of Pilaf's comrades?
Who turned Super Saiyan II first?
Who is the female scientist who travels with Goku in Dragon Ball?
What episode was Pilaf's final major appearance? (Name)
Who kills King Kai in the Cell Saga
Who fired a Kamahamaha Wave first
Who kills Janemba?

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