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QUIZ: Can you name the Water Type Pokemon

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HintPokemon NameExtra Info
Half flying, always thought to be a dragon
Hoenn final evolution starter
A Crab that isn't Krabby
Ugly can some day be beauty
'I wish I had pants'
One of the Johto legendaries
Johto starter mid-evolution
Giggity-Giggity / Kind of lost it up thre
It's so dark outside I wish I had a ____
Final evolution of the Johto starter
HintPokemon NameExtra Info
People thought this mega-evolution would bring forth a dragon type like Charizard did (please add 'mega' in the name)
Pacifidlog Town is said to be built atop of a colony of this pokemon
A very fast bug pokemon
James (Team Rocket) got snookered into buying this pokemon
Kalos is full of ninjas.
It is most certainly not Groudon
This Pokemon loves listening to CDs
A Headache frequently visits this Pokemon
A water/rock pokemon needed to unlock the Regie-trio
A water/fighting Kanto pokemon

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