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Can you name the Name the Ghost Pokemon

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Forced Order
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Vivir como los toros
This 'useless' Pokemon evolves into a Normal-Water type
Whitney's 'Toughest Pokemon'
This Fairy loves to sing
Vivir como los búfalos
'Take this house and _____'
Z! It's last name is Z!
It stops eating only to sleep. It doesn’t feel full unless it eats nearly 900 pounds a day.
This Pokemon basically has the most evolutions.
The King Pumpkin
Regirock, Registeel, and Regice
HintAnswerMore Info
Wow! This world is strange!
The Bug Pokemon only one HP
This Pokemon should be dizzy
THIS pokemon LOVES slaCking OFF
The first ghost pokemon based on the Pokedex
The electric ghost that can take control of electric appliances
Trees can't move
The Whisper Pokemon
Evolves from a Normal-Flying to a Dragon-Flying
It dangerous to go alone take this

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