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Happy Birthday Dexter Trivia!

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Forced Order
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QuestionAnswerDex's Dex
What is Dexter's job?
Where does he work?
What is his secret? Hint its in the title.
What is Dexter's Sister, Deb's, occupation
What is Deb and Dexter's last name?
Was Dexter adopted?
What happened to Dexter's mother?
Who was Dexter's Biological father?
Who killed him.
Who is Rudy Cooper?
Who is the Sargent in charge in Season One?
Who is the Sargent after Season Two?
Who is the Bay Harbor Butcher?
Who is chasing the Bay Harbor Butcher?
Who is Rita?
What does Dexter call his darkness?
Who did the Ice Truck Killer Kidnap?
When someone calls for Deb or Dexter in their work place they say?
Who Killed Rita?
What does Dexter keep in his Air Conditioner?
What are the laws called that Dexter follows when he kills?
QuestionAnswerDex's Dex
Who taught him said laws?
Who is Dexter's son?
What is the number one law Dexter must follow?
What does Dexter break when Lumen Pierce leaves him?
Who was drunk and broke into Dexter's and Rita's old house because she thought no one was there?
Who is Cody Bennett?
Who is Anton Briggs?
Who was Dexter's Season 2 lover?
What season is focused on The Trinity Killer
What season is focused on Lumen Pierce and Jordan Chase
When is Dexter's Birthday?
Who wrote the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter?
Who is Frank Lundy to Deb Morgan?
Who killed Frank Lundy?
What did Dexter use to kill The Trinity Killer?
Who is Dexter's third Babysitter for Harrison?
Who is Jamie Batista?
Who kills James Doakes?
Who is Deb's mother?
Thanks for taking the quiz, here is free answer type in 'Dexter Morgan'

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