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Arena of the Denver Nuggets
Only state of America with four NBA-Teams
Player with most rebounds in NBA History
Last year of Michael Jordan in the NBA
Coach of the Indiana Pacers
First foreign born NBA Regular Season MVP
Season of the last Lockout
NBA-Star who's father was a famous Tennis-Player
NBA-Comissioner from 1975 to 1984
Team which plays in the Toyota Center
Country where Steve Nash was born
Center of the NBA with a Jamaican father and a Trinidadian mother
University of Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng or Grant Hill
Youngest current NBA-Team
Only active NBA-Player from Poland
Number of NBA-Titles of the Boston Celtics
Birth-Name of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Active player with most All-Star Selections
City where the NBA was founded
Olympics where the American 'Dream Team' played (year)
Coach of the Memphis Grizzlies
Last foreign born Most Improved Player
University of Michael Jordan
Arena of the Chicago Bulls
Rookie of the Year 2009/10
Number of seasons Shaquille O'Neal played in the NBA
American NBA All-Star who was born in West Germany
Soccer Club of which LeBron James is Co-Owner
From 1997 to 2003 he and Tim Duncan were known as the 'Twin Towers'
Owner of the Dallas Mavericks
Place of the Eurobasket 2011
Team who draftet Elton Brand as the first overall pick in the Draft 1999
NBA-Legend who spat on a kid during a game in 1990
Only foreign born Rookie of the Year
First Team that Rick Carlisle coached
Year when Dennis Rodman left the NBA
Country NBA-Legend Dikembe Mutombo is from
Second name of NBA-Star Dirk Nowitzki
Active player with most points in NBA-History after Kobe Bryant
Number of Three-Point-Shots Shaquille O'Neal made in his career
Team which won their first Playoff Game in the last season
Only player that won the Slam Dunk Contest three times
Arena of the Portland Trailblazers
Year when the Chicago Bulls won their last Championship
Player with the morst Three-Point-Shots made in NBA-History
Last Team that won the first four games in the NBA-Finals
Coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder
Small Forward who scored his 20.000th career point last season
Team with the most NBA Finals appearances
NBA-Player who married Kim Kardashian in August 2011

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