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An illegal move made by the pitcher.
A situation where a setup pitcher (or closer) does no give up a lead but does not win a save.
Where a pitcher throws to a base to try to record an out on a leading baserunner.
A double (or triple) play going from third to second to first.
Slang for an easy fly ball.
Term for a ground ball that bounces very high and allows the runner to reach base easily.
Slang for a slow pitch right down the middle that is easy to hit.
When a hard, way-out-of-the-strike-zone pitch is thrown to try to catch a base stealer.
When a pitcher doesn't allow any runners on base through an entire game.
A batting average around .200.
Term for third base.
A homer with bases loaded.
When a player hits a single, double, triple, and homer in one game.
A player to bat for the pitcher in the American League.
A bloop single. (Hint: The first word is a southern state)

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