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Lets start off easy...Who are the members?(As of 2012) (No commas, starting with the Way's)Seriously, if you don't get this your off to a poor start
Who is the only member of the band who does NOT smoke?Inspirational =)
What album went double platinum in the UK and platinum in the USA?Best album, by a loooooong shot!
Which band member is bi-polar?Needs to speak more =)
What is Gerard afraid of?No piercings or tattoos...
What is their album called that was released in 2010?I don't get why people dont like it to be honest!
Which member has twin girls with his high school sweetheart?So sweet =)
Which of these is NOT an insult MCR have been called in the past? (The answer will be the letter in front of the answer) A) Zombies B)Vampires C)Spacemen D)EmoInsults are such a waste of time =(
Where did MCR form?Its also where they're all from =)
After what event did Gerard form MCR?It was so upsetting :'(
Who came up with the band name?He's such an awesome guy =)
Who designed the cover art for their second album; 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge'?Such a brilliant artist!
What is Gerards 'Killjoy Name'?Also the name of a good song...
What is Mikeys 'Killjoy Name'?Lovin' the red jacket, Mikey =)
What is Franks 'Killjoy Name'?Nice one, Frankie!
QuestionAnswerMy Opinion
What is Rays 'Killjoy Name'?ZOOOOOOM!!
Which English singer did they say was a huge inspiration to them whilst making 'The Black Parade'?R.I.P
At what age was Gerard held at gunpoint?Scaryyyyyyyy!!
How many times has Mikey been held at gunpoint?EVEN SCARIER!!
Which of their songs was used in Glee?Glee messed it up =(
What is the third track on 'Danger Days'?Brilliant Song, I listen to it Over and over again!
Which member had laser eye surgery?He looks so much better without his specs, who agrees?
Complete the lyric: 'Whats the worst that I could say?'____________This song has so much meaning
Which member once went to school in drag?LOL!
What is Mikey afraid of?Oh dear =(
What is Frank afraid of?SO AM I!!!
What is Ray afraid of?Uh oh....
What is Mikeys full name? (First, middle & Last)I prefer Mikey...
Who got shot in the music video for 'Ghost Of You'?Why didnt you save him, Ray?!
Last, but not least...Gerard ran for the 'Sexiest Female' award once, but who did he run for it with?They both should have won! MCR&30STM FOR THE WIN!!

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