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We are not an Airline, we are an ___Carolyn
I can't help but notice you've filled the flight deck with ___Martin
...it pops up again, like god's own ___ ___Douglas
___ ___ you merry gentlemenArthur
Hercules the ___Douglas
I carried the sheep for you. I climbed the tree. I rode the back of the truck. But now, I have to ___ ___ ___Martin
He looks into those whiskery faces and goes...___ ___Douglas
I bet they call you ___ ___Mr. Lehman
You've got her a ___ ___ ___ ___. You incorrigable old romanticMartin
The ___ is in playDouglas
Sometimes for a treat, I have a ___ ___!Martin
Does it mean something when you can ___ ___?Martin
No one calls me ___ and gets away with itCarolyn
'Romeo and...' '_____'Martin and Arthur
Obviously I'd never have called her ridiculous if I'd known she was a ___Herc
Fizz! Buzz! ___ ___ ___!Everyone
We are your man with a van. Or rather, ___ ___ ___ ___Douglas
___ is just a word the disorganised use for the focusedKieran
I am ___ ___ of this vessel!Martin

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