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Can you name the rungs of this 4-letter themed word ladder?

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★ Robin ____ (1981-84) ★
Classic Frank Herbert novel
Basketball shot, slam ____
Brad Pitt or George Clooney, e.g.
Dr. Bruce Banner's giant, green alter ego
The main body of a ship
★ Brad ____ (1982-84); Rich ____ (1984-85); or Anthony Michael ____ (1985-86) ★
Characteristic of (most) basketball players
Pushpin or stud, e.g.
Word following 'spice' or 'magazine'
★ Chris ____ (1990-93) ★
Chess piece starting at a corner
Carrot or parsnip, e.g.
Irrelevant or undecidable, and thus debatable only as an academic exercise
Othello, the ____ of Venice
★ Jay ____ (1993-95) ★
Nobel prize-winning physicist, Niels ____
Rude, unmannerly person
Classic cartoon character, Betty ____
Sloppy, sticky stuff
Stupid mistake
Phil Mickelson's sport
★ Fred ____ (1995-96) ★
Klingon Starfleet officer played by Michael Dorn
Microsoft Office program
Actress Sela or Actor Fred
Dumbledore's was made of elder wood
Hourglass contents
Possessing ones marbles
Decrease in vigor, power, or extent
Shiraz or chablis
Piece of chicken often served spicy
★ Kristen ____ (2005-2012) ★

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