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The integrated effect of a force applied over time.
The amount of energy (per unit mass) required to transform a substance from one phase to another, at the transition temperature.
The apparent bending or spreading of a wave as it passes through an aperture or encounters an obstacle.
The mutual attraction of two objects by virtue of their mass.
The rate at which energy is added to or removed from a physical system.
The amount by which the internal energy of a substance increases per unit increase in temperature.
The amount of electrical charge that a pair of conductors can hold per unit of voltage between them.
The distance between successive crests of a wave.
The tendency of an object to retain its state of motion unless acted on by a net force.
The mathematical representation of a quantity possessing both magnitude and direction.
The rate at which electrical charge passes through a given surface perpendicular to its flow.
The change in observed frequency of a wave when the observer or the wave source is in motion.
The rate of change of an object's velocity.
The integrated effect of a force applied over a distance.
The quantity measuring the state of disorder of a physical system, or equivalently the logarithm of the number of states accessible to the system.
The rate at which cycles of a wave pass a given point.
The average distance a gas molecule travels before colliding with another gas molecule.
The change in direction of a wave due to a change in its velocity when passing from one medium to another.

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