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The answer to each clue is a 6-letter word fitting the pattern #-#--- where # stands for A, B, C, etc.

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# =WordClue
ASlow, graceful piece of music
BNorth American lynx
C1985 Ron Howard film
DSubtract, as from taxes
EOcean's complement?
FCertain whiskey bottle sizes
GRichard Gere, in a 1980 film
HDrum kit components
IEaves dropper?
JNaïve and simplistic
KBeach Boys 1988 hit song
LFrasier's ex
MRAM part?
# =WordClue
NSergeant or corporal, briefly
OEmbouchure expert
PTropical fruit
RMost atypical
STahini source
TLeash or lead, e.g.
UIn pristine condition
VJulia in 'Pretty Woman'
WInspiring awe
XHugs and kisses, or a Black Eyed Peas song
YCello fellow
ZOnline retailer of personalized merchandise

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