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Event (put in order)
A super-effective bite fatally wounds Beowulf 
A thief steals a goblet from a horde of treasure 
Wiglaf becomes king of the Geats 
Beowulf's mead hall is attacked 
Beowulf leaves Daneland 
Hrothgar is born 
Beowulf is warned with the legend of Heremod 
Beowulf's greatness is challenged by Unferth 
Unferth bequeaths a blade to Beowulf 
Beowulf presents his treasure to Hygelac 
Giant's Sword melts, leaving nothing but the hilt 
All but one thane flees from the mountain 
put in order
Shield Sheafson is born 
Heorot is built 
Beowulf sails from Geatland 
Beowulf loses to Brecca 

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