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Letter (A-Z)PokemonClue
AFlying/Dragon type; looks like a prehistoric bird
BIt's #1! It's #1!
CIt's a cute little fire-breathing thingy.
DA legendary monkey looking thing
EA beast legendary
FEvolution of Totodile and Croconaw
GEvolution of Vileplume
HYellow pointy-nosed creature
IEvolution of Wigglytuff
JPokemon #385
KEvolution of Kabuto
LPokemon #264
MSmall fighting Pokemon
Letter (A-Z)PokemonClue
NHas both male and female; evolves to Nidoking or Nidoqueen
O Evolution of Omanyte
PBlocky duck-shaped Pokemon
QPokemon #195
RRhino-like Pokemon; evolution: Rhydon
SGoldfish-like Pokemon; Pokemon #119
TTeddy bear Pokemon
UOne of the many evolutions of Eevee
VEvolution: Gloom
WWorm-like bug/poison type
XRelated to Natu
YPokemon #193
ZElectrical legendary birdy

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