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Can you name the things, place, and people from Nintendo games from the given clues?

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Letter (A-z)Nintendo ThingClue
ABird dinosaur-like Pokemon
BSuper Mario ______
CA retro Zelda game item
DTriceratops-like Zelda enemy
ENess's first game
FYoshi's common meal
GSuper Mario _____; the Mario game with pull stars
HA retro Zelda game item
IFreeze ability Metroid weapon
JOne of the Pokemon regions
KMario ____ DS; Mario racing game
LHero of the Zelda series
MOne of the Koopa Kids in Mario World
Letter (A-z)Nintendo ThingClue
NCommon Metroid area
ONES puzzle game
PThe damsel in distress from Mario games
QThe ending boss from 'Thousand Year Door' is the Shadow what?
RWhat you need to catch at the beginning of Mario Galaxy
SThere are 120 of these in Mario Sunshine
TBlock-stacking for NES
UGloomy area from Super Paper Mario
VPath leading to Elite 4 in Pokemon games
WLuigi's twin
XA visor from Metroid Prime
YBoss from Mega Man 6
Z'Metroid ____'; NES remake

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