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Can you name the things, places, people from Nintendo games according to their letter and description?

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Letter (A-Z)Nintendo ThingHint
ALink's sister from 'Wind Waker'
BAlso known as King Koopa
CDuck-like Mario enemies
DWorld from Super Mario 64
EMario Sunshine boss with dirty teeth
FShip-flying bird from Starfox
GReturning Zelda villain
HFlying hammer-throwing Mario enemies
IIn 'Wind Waker', Ouset is an...
JSargeant mole from Banjo-Tooie
KPink and puffed-up floating creature
LFlying cloud-riding Mario enemy
MItalian princess-saving plumber
Letter (A-Z)Nintendo ThingHint
NCloud world from Super Mario RPG
OZelda item; '_______ of Time'
PYellow lightning type Pokemon
QFirst-person shooter game for the N64
RCity from 'The Thousand-Year Door'
SFire-shooting 'Brother' from Mario World
TMario character; white mustache and brown hat
UMonkeys in Mario 64
V'Metroid Prime': X-ray ____
WThe fattest Mario brother
XExtraterrestrials from 'Thousand-Year Door'
YDinosaur creature in Mario who eats fruits
ZThe Legend of _____

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