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Can you name the things related with Mario that begin with different letters based on the clues given?

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Letter (A-Z)Mario ThingClue
ASuper Mario ______; compilation of SMB1, 2, 3, and Lost Levels
BMario Super Sluggers is based on this sport
CMario _____ Factory
D Mario's first gaming appearance
ESuper Mario World has 96 of these
FA common flame-spitting Mario ability
GSuper Mario _____; a star-filled adventure
HLevel 2 of Sunshine: Ricco ______
IPower-up in New Super Mario Bros. Wii (also found in SMG1 and 2)
JBadge in Paper Mario: TTYD
KMario likes to race in these
LDid Peach's voice in 64, and is in the credits of nearly every Nintendo game
MThe subject of this quiz
Letter (A-Z)Mario ThingClue
NSuper Mario Bros.' original console
OMario and Sonic at the ______ Games
PRecurring boss since Mario Sunshine
QLarge coin in Galaxies 1 and 2 that makes musical notes appear
RPower from Super Mario Galaxy 2
SThe console which yields the first Mario Kart game
TBullet Bill-like enemy from Mario World
UThe dark place from Super Paper Mario (opposite of Overthere)
VWorld 3 of Super Mario World
WMario's fatter cousin
XExtraterrestrials from TTYD
YHas an island, a cookie, a safari, and a story
ZCook from Paper Mario

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