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Can you name the games played on Whose Line Is It Anyway? (US) based on the clue?

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One pair of performers acts out a scene with the same motions as a previous pair.
Wayne leads the other three in a song in the style from a continent (not a country).
The group announces nominees for a category, followed by an acceptance speech.
A scene is performed in reverse.
Three performers sing their problems to another over a drink.
Brad, Wayne, and Ryan sing like a 1940s girl group.
The four act in the style of The Jerry Springer Show.
One performer uses the limp bodies of other performers and an audience member to act a scene out alone.
Three performers sing like a 50s trio about how a girl died in a bizarre accident.
An audience member's voice is replaced by that of one of the performer in a scene.
Wayne and another performer sing about someone or something.
One performer narrates the themed clothing styles showcased by the other three.
The performers provide the voices for characters in an old movie.
Two performers translate the gibberish of the other two purportedly speaking in a different language.
A group of performers tries to eulogize a dead friend by singing all together.
Ryan and Colin announce a themed album, clips of which are sung by other performers.
The four performers make the 'world's worst dating service video' via creative use of headgear.
Colin or Greg acts as Ryan's hands and arms acting out a very sloppy scene.
Two performers act out an old public service short while another narrates.
All four sing four lines to a country song, often to Ryan's chagrin.
Colin makes the other three redo a scene several times with some modifications each time.
Brad, Colin, and Ryan make a bunch of non sequitur innuendos, some including fluffing your Garfield.
Ryan and Colin promote a product using a series of props.
Ryan and Colin carry out a task, like cleaning a burnous, after receiving a tape of instructions.
Each performer sings one line of a verse at a time, while holding an imaginary stein.
One performer tries to deduce the identities of the three potential suitors.
Example: The gerformers glay out a scene where one letter is used in glace of another.
Two performers (or Richard Simmons) act as the props for a scene performed by the other two.
Ryan and Wayne are monsters constructed of various other people's body parts by Colin and Igor as Dr. Frankenstein and Igor.
Two performers act out a quiz show, with the help of a phoned friend and an 'audience member'.
Three performers sing a 60s song, creating a dance like 'Do the Toothbrush'.
Two performers are unable to move themselves, only able to act out a scene by having audience members move their bodies.
Performers have to adopt a different personality or impression based on what item they hold.
Ryan and Colin act out a film noir scene.
One performer (usually Colin) stands in front of a green screen, trying to guess what's behind him given clues by two others.
Two performers act out a scene where each line begins with the next letter of the alphabet.
Each performer can only speak in sentences of some set word count. (Colin as C3PO: 'My pants metal!')
One performer in a scene has had a different occupation in the past.
One performer hosts a party and has to guess who or what the three strange guests are.
Colin has to guess why he's holding a media event based on questions from the other three.
The four come up with microscenes based on strange objects.
Not only can the performers speak only in questions, they also have to impersonate a celebrity (perhaps Craig T. Nelson).
The performers can only ask questions.
The performers act out a scene with questions as the only dialogue and with fake hairpieces defining their characters.
One performer yells 'Change!' to make someone else change their dialogue in a scene.
Each performer is on a different TV show all about the same subject.
The mood of a scene is changed by the background music.
All the dialogue is rapped. Even Stephen Colbert's.
Someone from the audience acts along with some performers.
The performers make up deleted scenes from movies.
The performers act out various scenes based on audience suggestions, then Drew throws a hat at the camera.
Ryan has been hiding something from Colin, to be revealed during the game.
When Drew presses the buzzer, the performer sings a song based on the sentence they just said.
Someone sings alone about someone or something.
Performers can only say the titles of songs.
Ryan makes all the noises in a scene for Colin, or two audience members make the noises for Ryan and Colin.
Two performers comment on the everyday actions of two other performers as if it were a sporting event.
Three performers have to each be in a different pose from each other at every moment of the scene.
Sorry I'm late! Each performer uses their superpowers to solve a world crisis.
Ryan and Colin host a fundraiser TV show with Wayne and another performer singing.
Two performers are waiters serving the other two dinner at a strange eatery.
Three performers sing a song one word at a time.
Ryan and Colin act out the opening of a sitcom while Wayne and someone else sings the song. 'Bill Cosby and Hitler' was NOT one of the sitcoms.
Some of the performers are only allowed to say two different things the whole scene. Somebody needs a hug.
A sane news anchor deals with a strange co-anchor, sports reporter, and meteorologist.
Two of the lines of dialogue are written on slips of paper, only to be seen right before they're said.
Examples are given of the ultimate terrible example of a given category, like neighbor or person to be stuck on a desert island with.

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