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1996, PC: 'As with the golden RPG titles of yesteryear, ______'s premise is very simple: Find evil things and smite them repeatedly.'
1997, PC: 'At first glance, ______, with its much ballyhooed 3D terrain and more than ten dozen units, appears to be nothing more than another in a long line of real-time games'
1998, N64: 'Link moves beautifully, and controlling his various actions is a breeze.'
1998, PC: 'The visual design is consistently great, drawing upon various Latin American sources, such as angular Aztec stonework and the stylized Day of the Dead skeletons.'
1999, Dreamcast: 'Other notable additions to the roster include Lizardman, Edge Master, and Tekken stalwart, Yoshimitsu.'
1999, PC: 'Like any online RPG, at its core, ______ is an interface for interaction between players, and in this respect it's excellent.'
2000, PS1: 'It doesn't continue the original Chrono Trigger mythos so much as it expands it. Gamers will be stunned by the resolution of the disparate plot threads.'
2000, PC: 'Maxis' ______ is about creating, managing, and controlling the lives of tiny computerized people who dwell in miniature homes.'
2001, PS2: 'It is easily the most 'mature' M-rated game on the market today. More often than not, its storyline revolves around rather violent acts of crime.'
2001, PC: 'The comical monsters in ______ stand in stark contrast to the beautiful if sparse Egyptian settings in the game.'
2002, GC: 'One of the game's key mechanics is Samus' ability to switch between a number of different 'visors,' which are essentially different types of heads-up displays.'
2003, GC: 'Much of the gameplay involves you sailing around the world in a talking boat known as the King of Red Lions.'
2004, PC: 'massive, evolving world populated by thousands of other players who you may choose to interact with, which makes the proceedings seem that much more meaningful.'
2005, GC: 'Leon is confronted not by the sorts of mindless zombies that typified previous ____ installments, but by a haggard man who seems decidedly displeased by Leon's presence'
2006, XBox360/PC: 'The game's story component puts you in the shoes of Marcus Fenix, who up until the very beginning of the game was serving time in prison for treasonous behavior.
2007, Wii: 'He arrives, only to walk straight into chaos as Bowser and son arrive in a fleet of airships and use a giant UFO to pluck the Princess' castle right out of the ground.'
2008, PS3: 'Shooting others is amusing--but sneaking enthusiasts will enjoy the violent, stealthy game of hide and seek you play as Snake.'
2009, PS3: 'The game doesn't just look and feel unforgiving--it plays that way too...You are meant to die, and you are meant to die often.'
2010, XBox360: 'Think about great moments that you remember from spaghetti Western movies, put them all into one 20- to 40-hour epic feature, picture yourself in the starring role'
2011, various: 'It is so good. Whether you're slashing a dragon's wings, raising the dead back to life, or experimenting at the alchemy table.'
2012, PS3: 'In simplest terms, ______ is a third-person, sporadically two-player adventure in which you travel through a desert towards a mountain.'
2013, 3DS: 'The heart of ______ is buried firmly in the pre-3D age of the early '90s, and Nintendo has produced an almost note-for-note polygonal reproduction of the original game'
2014, PS4: 'On the surface, ______ is Assassin's Creed set in the Lord of the Rings universe. You ascend tall structures and engage in rhythmic combat.'
2015, various: 'As returning protagonist Geralt of Rivia, you, too, face the anguish of mere existence, sometimes in unexpected, unscripted ways.'
2016, various: '_____ is a shooter that contains a multitude of smaller shooters within its hectic sphere.'

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