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So Far From Home
Just beyond the border of your waking mind* 
So far, so good, or so they say from Mission Control 
You're biting your lip now 
Now sit right back as I bust a rhyme 
Under twenty thousand tons of brick and stone 
One time on the fourth of July 
Yesterday while walking beneath an overpass 
Everything seemed at first to be proceeding normally* 
A Friday night affair out in the city heat 
They said the surface was suffocating 
No one told me it was going rain today 
Gloria in excelsis deo 
The Light of Things Hoped For
In perfect orbit they have circled* 
The cord runs up the microphone 
Blessed is the man who does prevail 
And in other news, the crew of the USS Gloria...* 
Here's another song with the four oldest chords in history 
She's the one who all the boys want 
Behind what I know and see, a darkness that will spy on me 
Breaking news regarding a horrific tragedy with our nation's space program* 
I write clever words on paper 
The girl in the alley kneels with exhaustion 
Incandescent moon is shining just for you tonight 
Do you see me falling down from heaven breaking every bone I have? 
It was all about acceleration, all for notoriety 
Deepest oceans of despair, this vast and charcoal night of space* 
Did you hear the news today? I'm not coming home, no 
Here is the news, coming to you every hour upon the hour 
I was the future in 1995 
Filthy bird laying in our yard 
Tiny speakers are mounted into the ceiling 
If the throttle is pulled back to burn through the fuel... 
Hold your hands to the dying fire's final glow 
There is no doubt today; the cynics and the critics have faded dead away 
Go ahead. Ah, it was September of 2005.* 
It's 9:15. I'm climbing up into morning. 
Battle Creek, something that you said last week 
I am the ghost of haunting hope 
Blessed are the land mines stretched across the desert floor 
Alright. Ha, I'm being promoted to major?* 
All the pieces hit the ground with a sick sound 
In this broken place where I was born, it seems there is no peace 
I've been breaking my back 

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