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HintMovie Title
Rannulph Junuh, Bagger Vance, Hardy Greaves
Denton Van Zan,Quinn Abercromby, Creedy
Trucky, Dick Lecter, Biggie Shorty
Ben Randall, Jake Fischer, Helen Randall
Sandy Lyle, Rueben Feffer, Polly Prince
Nick Rice, Clyde Shelton, Jonas Cantrell
Miles Logan, Carlson, Tulley
Wade Porter, John Smith, Laura Porter
Jim Braddock, Max Baer, Joe Gould
Stanley Ipkiss, Dorian Tyrell, Tina Carlyle
Billy Tyne, Bobby Shatford, Christina Cotter
Brennan Huff, Dale Doback, Nancy Huff
J.P., Alex, Dante, Samantha
Paul Crewe, Deacon Moss, Caretaker
Aldo Raine, Shosanna Dreyfus,Hans Landa
Hatchet Harry, Soap, Bacon, Tom
Bobby Mercer, Fowler, Angel Mercer
Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Obidiah Stane
HintMovie Title
Scott Thomas, Cooper Harris, Jenny
William Forrester, Jamal Wallace, Robert Crawford
Allan Quartermain, Dorian Grey, Rodney Skinner
Ginger Knowles, Gabriel Shear, Stanley Jobson
Robert Angier, Alfred Borden, Cutter
Ben Wade, Dan Evans, Byron McElroy
Frank Lucas, Richie Roberts, Det. Trupo
Nancy Callahan, Jackie Boy, Dwight, Harry
Mike McDermott, Lester 'Worm' Murphy, Teddy KGB
JIm West, Artemis Gordon, Arliss Loveless
Harry Stamper, A.J. Forst, Grace Stamper
Johnny Truelove, Jake Mazursky, Frankie Ballenbacker
Matthew Kidman, Eli, Klitz, Hugo Posh
Kip Raines, Sway, Sphinx, Otto Halliwell
Patrick Kenzie, Angie Gennaro, Remy Bressant
Jim Levenstein, Paul Finch, Michelle Flaherty
MItch Martin, Frank Ricard, Gordon 'Cheese' Pritchard
Peter Lafluer, White Goodman, Kate Veach

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