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What kind of animal is Winnie?
What kind of animal is Tigger?
What kind of animal is Piglet?
What kind of animal are Kanga and Roo?
Where do Pooh and friends live?
What does Pooh get stuck on his nose?
What year did Winnie the Pooh start?
What kind of animal is Christopher Robin?
What kind of animals steals honey?
What does Tigger live in?
What does Gopher always wear?
Is Rabbit a girl or boy?
Who is Piglet's best friend?
What are the main colors on Tigger?
What is Piglet's favorite food?
Is piglet wearing a shirt? If so, what color?
When Piglet gets nervous his ears do what?
What keeps Eeyore's tail on?
What kind of animal is Eeyore?
What color is Eeyore's bow?
What is Eeyore's birthday?
When Tigger gets a chance he likes to play what?
'Icky Sticky Stuff' Who says that?
'Icky Sticky Stuff' What is he describing?
Who talks with a lisp?
What day is Christopher Robin's Birthday?
Winnie the Pooh invented what game?
Who says 'Silly Old Bear!'?
What is the owl's name?
What is Rabbit's favorite food?

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