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Preplayer who likes the Dodgers and thinks Tabata rocks. Also likes AFL.
Preplayer who won 2013 Preplay.
Rangers fan who acts like preplay is a professional sport.
Admin who is regularly in charge every night.
The month that preplay shut down on.
Team that has no fans on preplay.
The app that shut down in 2015.
Blue Jays fan that is a bad admin.Also a Habs fan.
Preplayer who almost everyone likes. Is a braves fan.
Preplayer who commonly says random letters in chats.
One of the best cards fans on Preplay.
Admin who mutes people if you don't follow his orders.
Admin who really doesn't care about the chats.
Orioles fan that calls hit for his teams player every time.
Description Answer
Yankees fan who loves preplay and people on kik.
Yankees fan who plays an instrument professionally.
Spammer that spammed baseballs in every chat in 2013.
Cards fan who says the N word a lot.
Preplayer who likes Hockey more than Baseball. Loves #19 on the Hawks
Mets fans who copy each others picks.
Preplayer who finished first in the shortened 2015 season.
Nats fan who many people know.
Preplayer who is from Japan and says crazy things.
Preplayer who says 'sit down bozo' after every strikeout. Is a Nats fan.
Preplayer who talks trash about religion.
Preplayer from Brazil.
Orioles fan who had a cat as a picture many times.
Preplayer who is a Rangers fan and spends loads of money on a worthless app.
Preplayer who finished 1st overall on Preplay in 2014
Description Answer
Annoying Preplayer who has over 2,000 followers but only follows 7.
Royals fan who thinks his team is innocent and the other team starts the fights.
Rays fan who finds peoples addresses.
Best year of Preplay.
Preplayer who blocks everyone for not agreeing with him. Likes the Angels.
Preplayer from Australia who is crazy. Thirsty for Ashley.
Orioles fan who doubts his teams offense on a daily basis.
Preplayer from Nicaragua
Braves fan who still loves Kimbrel.
Team that is most bandwagoned on preplay.
Red Sox fan who's chat is used by a lot of people every day.
Tigers preplayer who loves Nick Castellanos.
Preplayer who wastes too many tickets and thinks coke is our savior.
Admin who stopped working on mlb preplay.

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