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The seller has, or will have, the right to sell the goods in question
Words are to be considered part of a description if they help 'identify' the goods
If the buyer has placed no reliance upon the sellers description, then that description cannot provide the basis for a claim under s. 13
The implied conditions in s. 14 are implied only if the seller sells 'in the course of business'
In applying the definition to a sale of a new car, one must recognise that the purposes for which it is commonly bought are not just for the purpose of driving it. Comfort, handlin
The normal wear and tear to be expected of goods of the age of those in question will not render the goods of unsatisfactory quality
Not every trivial issue or 'fault' will entitle rejection
Where goods have only one normal use, it is implied that the buyer requires the goods for that particular purpose
Liability is strict. No defence that the seller took the utmost care
Goods required to be reasonably fit for purposes which have been communicated to the seller
Goods are expected to withstand the rigours of an ordinary journey
If a defect is complicated, it is not reasonable to find acceptance until a reasonable time after the buyer has been properly informed
If the fault is straightforward and a repair is agreed to and effected, it is very likely that thereafter the right to reject will soon be lost

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