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Under FOB, buyers duties: nominate an effective ship, notify the seller in time for him to load the goods, and to pay agreed price
If buyers notice of nomination is unreasonable, the seller is entitled to treat contract as repudiated and will be entitled to damages
Any additional cost to goods cannot be recovered from buyer - seller responsible for all expenses of getting goods over ships rail
Seller under obligation to ensure that goods are packaged in such a way that they can endure sea transit
Goods are fit to withstand the rigours of an ordinary journey
Buyer has the option of when to ship within contract period, and once instructions received, the seller must load within reasonable time
Buyer must give 'effective'shipping instructions - must be possible and lawful for the seller to comply with them
Buyer has two distinct rights of rejection
Under CIF, sellers duties: ship goods of the description contained in contract, to procure shipping documents and tender those documents in manner agreed
REfusal to accept conforming documents under CIF is itself a breach of contract, allowing sellers to terminate the contract and sue buyer or non-acceptance
If buyer fails to reject documents when he knows they are not in order, he will be estopped from rejecting them later

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